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This literature list contains the publications where Tjibbe Dokter was (co) author which are available in the public domain.

Company reports and publications are not included.


Deze literatuurlijst omvat de publicaties waarvan Tjibbe Dokter (co) auteur was en die in het publieke domein beschikbaar zijn.

Bedrijfsrapporten en publicaties zijn niet opgenomen.


Diese Bibliographie enthält Publikationen, deren Tjibbe Doktor (Co-) Autor war und die in der Public Domain verfügbar sind.

Geschäftsberichte und Publikationen sind nicht enthalten.


HSE&S Consultancy

Incident Investigation

T. Dokter

Flammability limits of the system CH3Cl - CH2Cl2 - HCl - Cl2.

J. Haz. Mat., 6, p.289-297 (1982).


T. Dokter

Organisch speciaallaboratorium werkt volgens de modernste veiligheidsinzichten

(Organic dedicated laboratory works according to the most modern safety approaches),

Nederlandse Chemische Industrie, 25(8), p. 18-21 (1983).


T. Dokter and M. Faber

Microprocessor-based technique for measuring flame speeds and other fast phenomena.

International Laboratory, 14(7), p.50-56 (1984).


T. Dokter

Fire and explosion hazards of chlorine containing systems.

J. Haz. Mat., 10, p.73-87 (1985).


T. Dokter, J.P. Brunink, H. Eggelte and Th. Kramer

Chlorine container experiment.

J. Haz. Mat., 12, p.11-26 (1985).


T. Dokter

The formation of NCl3 and N2O in the reaction of NaOCl and ammonium compounds.

J. Haz. Mat., 12, p.207-224 (1985)

T. Dokter

Explosion hazards of methyl chloride and chlorine containing systems.

Dissertation 1987.

J.E. van Wermeskerken, T. Dokter

Methanol, Status and new Developments,

Presented to: The College of Petroleum Studies,

Course: The Production and marketing of methanol 1987.

T. Dokter

Recovery of Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons (CFC’s) and Hydro-Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons (HCFC’s).

Symposium Recycling van chemische afvalstoffen, C.1-C.19

T.U. Eindhoven, May 1990.


T. Dokter

Chlorine hazard properties.

Chlorine Safety Seminar (Eurochlor/CEFIC) 3.1-3.24

Brussels, November 1990.


J.Cramer, J.Quakernaat, T.Dokter, L.Groeneveld, J.C.Vis,

Theorie en praktijk van integraal ketenbeheer

(Theory and practice of integral chain management),

STB-TNO, Apeldoorn, September 1993.



Possibilities for sustainable development in the chemical industry,

in: Product innovation and Eco-efficiency, J.E.M.Klosterman, A.Tukker (eds.) p.165-174,

Kluwer Academic Publishers 1998.



A realistic approach to sustainable development in the process industry,

In: ENTREE 98 Proceedings, S.Pöyry, F.Pringle, A.Hagström (eds), p.293-306,

UETP-EEE, Brussels 1998.

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