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Dr.Ir. (MSc) Tjibbe Dokter MBA

HSE&S Consultant,

Incident/accident investigator

Director/Owner of DoktersAdvice


HSE&S Consultancy

Incident Investigation

Present role and activities

Tjibbe is an independent consultant in the field of Risk Management related activities focusing on Hazards Evaluation, Process Safety, Personal Safety, Behavior Based Safety and HSE&S Auditing both in industry and in educational environments.

He supports incident analyses (Tripod beta) and scenario analyses (BowTie) within a broad range of organizations.

Previous roles and activities

From November 1973 to November 2010 Tjibbe was employed by AkzoNobel in various positions.

Starting as Researcher on Process Development and Production Trouble Shooting, the activities evolved to setting up and managing a specialized laboratory for Explosion Safety and High Pressure Research (pressures up to 1000 bar).

After the Research period he worked as Senior Process Engineer/Technology Manager for the joint venture Methanor. Methanor was operating two large scale methanol production units.

After five years in production Tjibbe went back to Research as Process Development Section Manager.

This was followed by eight years as Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) manager on a large chemical production and research site (Deventer). The activities included responsibilities for the Site Emergency Response and Fire Brigade, Distribution Emergency Response and chairing the Dutch Chlorine Support Services.

During the next job(s) at a more corporate level he was involved in setting up the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) legislation. Further assignments were related to global site support activities on Occupational Health, Process- and Occupational Safety, Environmental Aspects, Security and Emergency Response issues in Chemicals, Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary products, Paper, Dairy and other production environments on a global scale.

Professional activities

Since the end of 2010 Tjibbe has taken on the opportunity to serve customers around the globe in the following expertise fields:

• Process Safety management, including explosion safety aspects.

• Emergency Response preparation within organizations and in relation to transportation of hazardous products.

• Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Regulatory Affairs support and management thereof.

• Hazard Scenario Analysis of Operations (BowTie).

• Root Cause Incident Analysis (Tripod beta).

• Human behavior and production safety.

• Behavior observation techniques.

• Safety Contractor Checlist (VCA/SCC).


• Master of Business Administration (MBA) Environmental Management (Post graduate), University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (1993): Institute for Environmental Control Science.

• Doctor of Science & Technology (Dr.), University of Twente, Enschede (1987): Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Dissertation title: Explosion Hazards of Methyl chloride and Chlorine containing Systems.

• Master of Science & Technology (Ir. PMST), University of Twente, Enschede (1973), Faculty: Chemical Engineering.

• Qualified (first grade) Teacher in Chemistry, Physics, Mechanics and Arithmetic.

• Bachelor of Science & Technology (Ing.), Academy Minerva (Hanzehogeschool), Groningen, (1966), Section Chemical Engineering.

Skills Development

Course: Auditing Skills (Bureau Veritas, 2005).

Course: Consulting Skills (Associatie voor Organisatie Ontwikkeling, 1994)

Course: Mastering Environmental, Health and Safety Auditing Skills and Techniques (Arthur D. Little, 1991).

Various courses and symposia on amongst others Chemical Process Hazards, Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries and Explosion Hazards Evaluation.

Working experience

During his research periods extensive product and process related research and development was done at different levels.

Hands-on experience was acquired on high pressure systems and explosion hazards investigations, including experimental determination of explosion and detonation limits, flame velocities, detonation velocities, auto-ignition and other related characteristics in chlorine and oxygen containing systems.

Experience in process technology management for large plants and major revamp projects

Involvement in Regulatory Affairs on national, European and world-wide level, including involvement in setting up the European REACH legislation.

Emergency Response preparation and emergency response management on locations and to assist with incidents during (global) transportation of hazardous chemicals.

In his role as trainer, consultant, (lead) auditor and incident investigator Tjibbe has worked internationally for larger companies as well as for smaller firms, educational institutes and universities.

His activities were among others related to industrial processes producing Chemicals, Coatings/Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary products, Fibers, Resins, Paper, Dairy products, Foodstuff, Machinery and Power stations.

Skills recognitions

•International Lead Auditor Health, Safety, Environment and Security aspects

•Mastering Hazards Evaluation of process related activities using the BowTie technology (Governors/CGE Risk Management Solutions).

•Accredited Tripod Beta Practitioner (Tripod Solutions, AdviSafe Risk Management)

•Registered as teacher at CRBKO (Netherlands).

Languages mastered

Dutch: Mother tongue.

English: Fluent.

German: Fluent.

French: Fair.


Sports: scuba diving, ice skating, downhill and cross country skiing, canoeing, long distance walking.

Culture: Reading books, listening to music. Theater, etc.

Other: Stone carving.

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