Safety at work

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Safety at work

Work at a sloped glass roof about15 meter above ground level. Two persons wear harnasses, but are hooked up wrongly at the same rope.

The third person has no protection at all.

DoktersAdvice supports customers to improve performance of employees by removing barriers that may hinder employees in their working environment.


HSE&S Consultancy

Incident Investigation

Removing barriers is achieved by focusing on the behavior of persons during their own work in the organization.

Proper observation of persons will show that:

•Humans are fallible

•Organizations are not perfect

•Objectives and goals are not always optimally managed

The consequence is that incidents will happen, an incident being something that did not work out as intended.

Incidents can lead to:

•People get hurt

•Controls and defenses fail

•Organizations fail

•Business is lost

Through behavior observation weaknesses in the working environment (physical and organizational) can be identified and improved.

Optimization of the working environment will reduce the incident sensitivity of the organization.

In combination with incident analysis prevention of serious mishaps is possible by improving the work environment to stimulate safe work.

The result will be that the quality of all activities will improve by reducing the number of mistakes.

Behavior of people in the work environment is playing a key role in many mishaps in organizations and will be taken into account at all times.

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