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Risk assessment required?

Transportation of 4 heavy steel beams with available transport vehicle.

Many elements of risk management not applied.

DoktersAdvice can assist customers to identify elements required to control Risk Management in the operation.


HSE&S Consultancy

Incident Investigation

Scenario Analysis is used to identify threats to the organization and to identify possible control measures to prevent or mitigate undesirable consequences of threats resulting from the identified hazards.

The analysis is usually presented in a graphical form called a BowTie.

Based on the analysis preventive measures can be developed to control risks which are considered unacceptable in the organization.

Basis for Risk Management in general are the following steps:

• Know the hazards and threats that may cause problems for both activities and organization

• Identify events that may jeopardize the normal operation

• Inventorize the available controls that could prevent or limit undesirable events and ensure proper functioning of these controls (prevention).

• Identify consequences of the most threatening events.

• Inventorize protection and mitigation measures/defenses that might limit the consequences (repression).

• Take appropriate actions (including incident analysis) to ensure that all controls and defenses are functioning as intended.

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