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Safety support for divers

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DoktersAdvice provides specific expertise-based services on the following topics:


HSE&S Consultancy

Incident Investigation

Explosion Hazards and Explosion prevention:

Specific experience is available on gas and dust systems deflagrations and detonations.

Practical work has been executed on a number of systems containing air, oxygen and/or chlorine as oxidant.

Publications on explosion hazards are mentioned on the literature page.

Incident Analysis:

Incident analyses have been practiced since 1972 and analyses were executed on a regular basis since 1978. The Tripod beta technology has been applied since early 2000.

Analyses have been carried out on a broad range of activities including Production, Logistics (air, rail, road and ship), Information Technology, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Paper Industry, Coatings Industry, Research & Development, Utilities, Administrative Activities and other work areas.

Scenario Analysis:

Scenario analysis was practiced to identify undesirable events, possible threats and consequences, controls and defenses as well as organizational weaknesses for a range of activities. Since 2007 the BowTie methodology was used as standard technique.

Emergency Preparedness:

Experience with emergency preparedness is centered around Transportation of Dangerous Goods (toxic gases, flammable material and unstable products), Fire Brigade training (companies and municipal) and preparation with respect to chemical emergencies including fire and explosion, Emergency Plan preparation and Emergency Recovery activities.

Process Safety issues:

Process Hazard Analyses have been executed since 1977 to safeguard processes against chemical and mechanical hazards, including protection against fires, explosions, run-away's and toxic releases. Much attention has been focused on organizing Process Safety Analysis and proper Management of Change (MOC) procedures.

Health, Safety, Environmental & Security audits:

HSE&S audits have been executed in many industries, such as paper mills, chemicals production, storage and transportation, coatings industry and pharmaceutical industry. Objective is to assess weaknesses in the performance of management systems and controls.

Safety tours:

Safety tours are required in all organizations to ensure minimization of incidents. Training methods to teach management and the workforce to perform proper safety inspections were developed for many years, including contractor safety aspects.

Analysis of the result of safety tours identifies improvement options to stimulate safe behavior.

Behavior observations:

Development of courses and training employees in behavior-based security is implemented for almost 20 years. Observation of human behavior to identify undesirable behavior and development of correction methods is used as a tool in most activities.

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