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Safety during holidays

Tourists on the Preikestolen (Preacher seat) in Norway try to get as close to the rim as possible. The plateau is about 605 meters above the water in the Lysefjord.

DoktersAdvice is a Dutch consultancy firm and is active in supporting customers on issues related to Risk Management in the organization.

DoktersAdvice assists customers in identifying shortcomings in Risk Management elements based on Scenario Analysis, Incident Analysis and Emergency Response Preparation.


HSE&S Consultancy

Incident Investigation

Services are focused on Occupational Health, Occupational safety, Process Safety, Environmental Protection and Security related aspects in the working environment, but the same principles relate to organizational processes.

Scenario Analysis is used to identify Threats to the activities of an organization and possible Control measures can be identified to prevent or mitigate undesirable Consequences of mishaps resulting from the identified Hazards.

Additionally the possible consequences of mishaps, control measures and protection against the undesirable results of the Hazards and Threats will be identified.

The analysis is usually presented in a graphical form called a BowTie. Based on the analysis preventive measures can be developed to control risks which are considered unacceptable in the organization.

Analysis of actual Incidents identifies Underlying Causes (Root Causes) of these incidents and measures can be taken to prevent the actual incident and similar incidents from happening.

Incident Analysis is carried out by an independent investigator using the Tripod beta technology.

Emergency Response Preparation is directed to identify potential incidents threatening the operations and design emergency response measures to reduce potential incident effects as much as realistically possible.

Behavior of people in the work environment is playing a key role in many mishaps in organizations and will be taken into account at all times.

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